VLTD Exclusive Mad Spraycan Mutant Ghost Gang by Nicky Davis x Jeremy MadL x Martian Toys

VLTD is set to unleash their Exclusive Mad Spraycan Mutant Ghost Gang vinyl art toy featuring Houston-based Nicky Davis’ colorful band of cartoon characters. Fueled by a bright, infectious rainbow, Davis’ Ghost Gang has taken over the street art mutant from Jeremy MadL x Martian Toys.

The vivid colors flow freely through the transformed graffiti beast’s eyes, teeth, paint brush hands and of course his Ghost Gang hoodie featuring Davis’ happy-go-lucky undead crew of painters and creative characters. With crisp graphics and a playful sense of color, the Ghost Gang edition oozes fun. Davis caps it off with a sublime lime green and yellow spray nozzle.

Beyond this artist edition design, Nicky Davis has also created two GID Mad Spraycan Mutant Ghost Gang customs as a special thank you for collectors. Codes to claim the GID customs will be randomly inserted into two of the Ghost Gang edition boxes.

An edition of 149, the VLTD Exclusive Mad Spraycan Mutant vinyl art toy (8″) will be available on Monday (12.28) at 9 AM PST exclusively from VLTD for $84.95. The figure features 6 points of articulation and includes two sets of interchangeable Vans and Eraser shoes.

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