‘We’ll Fly Again’ by Yusuke Hanai x AllRightsReserved

AllRightsReserved’s collaboration with Japanese artist Yusuke Hanai continues with the upcoming release of the ‘We’ll Fly Again’ wood sculpture. The new piece is a follow-up both sequentially and thematically, a chapter two of sorts, to Hanai’s previously released ‘Down But Not Out’ sculpture, also in wood.

The hopeful ‘We’ll Fly Again’ features the artist’s signature character gazing curiously at the pigeon nestled in his hand. An unmistakable reference to restarting a life interrupted, the piece resonates with all of us who long to return to normal after the chaos and pain of 2020. This deluxe release includes the main figure, a wood stool accessory and a decorative crate style box that doubles an alternative display stand. As with Hanai’s previous release, the new sculpture has an inviting, casual presence that is readily relatable.

The ‘We’ll Fly Again’ wood art toy sculpture will be released from AllRightsReserved’s DDT Store ‘very soon’ .

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