El Loco SKUM OG by Suicidal Tendencies x BlackBook Toy

BlackBook Toy is set to release the anticipated first fully-painted edition of the El Loco SKUM OG sofubi art toy, the newest release in the long-running SKUM-kun series with punk band Suicidal Tendencies.

The most notable change with the El Loco variant are the numerous tattoos that cover the entire torso (front/back) and both arms. Each tattoo is sculpted into the figure and the details are filled in through a laborious ink rub process. The pose is different too, with normal hands versus the gesture pose of the original Skum-KUN.

For this first painted release, BlackBook Toy has gone to extra lengths to created a special experience for collectors. The figure will include bonus (omake) money bag and gun accessories created by Chop of Monster Farm in randomly assorted colors—blue being the most prized since it matches Suicidal Tendencies’ signature color. Additionally, the figure includes a zippered denim pouch with a silkscreen image of El Loco SKUM, Punk Rock Boy & Baby. The pouch can hold all three figures at once. Note that this release does not include the other two figures which were sold separately.

Finally, BBT has created a bloody chase variant which will be available in a 1:5 ratio as part of this release.

The El Loco SKUM sofbui art toy (6.3″) will be available for ¥10,800 ($104) via email lottery from BlackBook Toy with entries accepted from Thursday (12.24) at 7 AM PST through Saturday (12.26) at 6:59 AM PST. To enter send an email to info@blackbooktoy.com with a title of ‘El Loco SKUM Lottery entry’, and include the following in the message: Full Name, Shipping Address with country and zip code, Telephone Number, Item Name: El Loco Skum OG, and optionally your IG/FB/Twitter name.

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