Circus Pug Lamp by Mai Accents x Mighty Jaxx

What began as a clay sculpture destined to be a vase from Mai Accents (Marzia Kjellberg), known for charming ceramic designs, has become the upcoming Circus Pug Lamp functional vinyl art toy from Mighty Jaxx. The adorable design features a slightly portly pug with floppy ears, a curled tail and a curious circus big top hat. Having an almost plugged-in quality, the pug’s precious facial expression stands out against its smooth, rounded body.

Finally, the Circus Pug Lamp is, of course, a functional toy with a light that glows from within the cute pup. With its friendly character design and seemingly soft light, this lamp might make an ideal night light. Following recent releases from several artists and brands, art toy lamps are quickly becoming a category onto themselves.

The Circus Pug Lamp vinyl + ABS art toy (8″) will be available (presumably for preorder) on Saturday (12.26) at 6 AM PST from Mighty Jaxx for $199. Please note that the figure does not come with the wood base pictured in the promotional photos.

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