Binimals – FoxFox and More from TheRoguez

Starting as a fun sketch of a two-headed coyote, TheRoguez (RayJ) developed the concept into the Binimals series of vinyl art toys. First launched on Kickstarter (July 2020), FoxFox and the five other editions—YoteYote, LupLup, AwdAwd, KitKit (Blue GID), Added Sugar and the mystical One Mind—are now ready to ‘adopt’.

The eye-catching toy design features a charming pose, seemingly of one fox napping while the other calls out happily, one paw on the other’s head. At this level it’s a successful design, evoking tenderness and play between the two. Turning the figure around expands the meaning as it slowly becomes clear that the two are actually one. The Binimals design works on multiple levels: as purely a fun concept but also on a deeper level from the perspective of duality or coexistence.

All six of the Binimals vinyl art toys are available now from Tenacious Toys with prices ranging from $45-$50.

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