Mauz by Montha x Museum of Toys

Indonesian artist Montha (Okey Rey Montha) has collaborated with Museum of Toys and Can’s Gallery on his new Mauz polystone sculpture. The new limited-edition piece coincides with the artist’s just-opened Note From Darkness solo exhibition at Can’s Gallery. The new body of work features Mauz in several paintings and a life-size sculpture.

Born as a response to the topsy turvy, unpredictable year that we’ve all experienced, Mauz features a rather familiar mouse in knight’s armor atop a mechanical bull kiddie ride. Clad in black atop the jet black bull, Mauz relishes the challenge. Rather than holding on tightly, he embraces the moment, dabbing fearlessly, his cape fluttering behind him. Mauz’s red helmet crest stands out against the otherwise all-black figure.

An edition of 20, the Mauz polystone sculpture (19.69″) is available for pre-order from Museum of Toys for $1,100. The sculpture includes a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and an art print. Mauz is slated to ship in mid-February 2021.

U(12.19, 10:44 PM) Added details and photos from the artist’s solo show.

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