The Many Headed Hag Modranicht Edition by John Kenn Mortenson x Unbox Industries

John Kenn Mortenson’s stylishly ghoulish ‘The Many Headed Hag‘ returns with the new Modranicht Edition from Unbox Industries. Named after the ‘Night of the Mothers’ event celebrated by Anglo-Saxon pagans on what is now Christmas Eve, the new edition features a translucent design with ethereal blue, pink and purple hues. Based on one of the artist’s sublime post-it sketches, the figure features a cluster of heads, some with pointed tongues, all with haunting eyes. The Hag’s long, wispy hair combines to form a sort of phantasmic trail.

The ‘The Many Headed Hag’ Modranicht Edition vinyl art toy (9.45″) will be available for pre-order on Saturday (12.19) at 7 AM PST from Unbox Industries for $100. The figure is slated to ship in January 2021.

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