Self Loathing – Cats Edition Vinyl Art Toy by Thumbs

UK pop culture artist Thumbs brings brings his signature multi-headed cartoon character creations into 3D with his first art toy. The upcoming Self Loathing – Cats Edition vinyl figure features an eye-catching cat—with four iconic heads—enjoying his early morning routine in his PJs with a cup of coffee. Debuting in orange, a likely nod to Garfield, the figure also features Tom, the Pink Panther, and Sylvester the Cat.

Beyond the crazy visuals, the piece is noteworthy in that it flows seamlessly out of Thumbs’ established art style that has fueled his career. Rather than a toy for toy’s sake, it is the latest evolution of his work and the realization of a long-term goal to self-produce his first art toy.

An edition of 300, the Self Loathing – Cats Edition vinyl art toy (10×10″) will be available for pre-order on Saturday (12.9) at 12 PM PST from Thumbs for $350.

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