SkrewFace Special Editions by Rios Toy Designs

Rios Toy Designs is set to expand its FU-Stamps universe with the SkrewFace Special Edition resin art toy featuring a brand-new sculpt in two colorways. With a raised fist, SkrewFace takes on a defiant vibe, standing tall for the people and struggles that have molded him.

The Boriqua colorway celebrates Puerto Rico with a black and red design featuring a frog on the front of the tee and the country’s flag on the bandana and back of the shirt. Standing for equality, the BLM colorway adds gray skin to the mix with a circular fist logo featured throughout.

Editions of 100 each, the SkrewFace Special Edition resin art toys (7″) will be available in Boriqua and BLM editions on Friday (12.18) at 12 PM PST from FU Stamps for $160 each.

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