Ngaew Ngaew x Umasou Resin Art Toy Lottery

Thai-artist Pang (Ngaew Ngaew) has collaborated with LitorsWorks on a special artist edition of the brand’s popular Umasou art toy. First released at the recent Shanghai Toy Show (11/20), the Ngaew Ngaew x Umaosu figure features the artist’s signature Ngaew Ngaew rabbit character—replacing the traditional Umasou girl— inside a cute orange dinosaur suit. Staying true to the rabbit design, the dino suit incorporates the character’s floppy ears.

For those that missed the STS release, Pang is offering 15 pieces of the Ngaew Ngaew x Umasou resin art toy (3.94″) via lottery for 3400 baht ($113). The lottery will take place on Saturday (12.19) from 6:00 to 6:10 AM PST—note the 10-minute duration. To enter, visit Ngaew Ngaew’s facebook page at the lottery start time and fill out the linked google form. See the artist’s post for additional details.

[Additional Photos via Call__me_ace]

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