Junta by ASTGFSH x Worlds Collide

Worlds Collide is now offering their exclusive edition of Brisbane-based Josiah Navarro’s (ASTGFSH) Junta resin art toy. The artist’s signature character comes to life with the brand-new resin figure nicknamed ‘Junteezy’ after his stylish sneakers. While Navarro’s original art often depicts Junta surrounded by fantastic, tentacled creatures, the character himself is a mix of normal and surreal, with two long tentacles dangling from his ever-present gas mask. The new resin edition follows the previously-released 1/6 version (Spring 2020) which featured hiking boots instead of sneakers.

An edition of 40, the Junta OG resin art toy (7″) is available for pre-order from Worlds Collide for 6,900 php ($144). To order send an email with the following info:

Item Code: Junta OG
Shipping Address:
Contact Number:

Worlds Collide will email collectors who have secured a ‘slot’ to purchase.

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