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What if USA Disappeared?
Firstly, if USA disappeared, Hollywood will also disappear, movie buffs will be severely disappointed.
Secondly, if USA disappeared, famous tourist attractions like “The Grand Canyon”, “Niagara Falls”, “Statue of Liberty”, etc. will be missed by many.
Thirdly, USA has the biggest economy and is the richest country, if USA disappeared, world economy might come crashing down.
Fourthly, USA has the most number of billionaires, if USA disappeared, finding a billionaire might suddenly become extremely difficult.
Fifthly, USA is a technological powerhouse, if USA disappeared, world may fall back by decades in technology.
Lastly, if USA disappeared, iconic brands like Apple, Google, Nike etc. will be sorely missed by many.
On the flip side, USA is the biggest exporter of weapons, if USA disappeared, number of wars being fought might drastically come down.


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