Rock Gaki – Track 01 Day & Night by J.T Studio

Taiwan-based Jei Tseng (J.T Studio) has revealed the new Rock Gaki 1/6 figures inspired by the Megaman/Rockman video games. Available in both Rock Gaki Track Day 01 and Rock Gaki Track Night 02 versions, the new figures build on the previously released Astro Gaki series which celebrated Astro Boy.

Created for the next generation of Droid Racing competition, Rock Gaki Track Day 01 in the classic blue comes ready to roll with dual-mode hover/land board, backpack, blaster cannon, and multiple hands. While similar in appearance, the Red Track Day 02 model was designed for security first and foremost, racing second. As such, Rock Gaki Track Day 02’s hoverboard doubles as a combat shield.

For those that purchase the 2-figure set, J.T Studio will include the bonus light-up E-Pad deluxe accessory. Patterned after the classic Game Boy, the E-Pad folds so that it can be easily carried by either Rock Gaki model.

The Rock Gaki figures will be available individually ($280) or as a 2-figure set ($550) which includes the bonus E-Pad accessory on Tuesday (12.15) at 6 PM PST from J.T Studio.

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