Lanco Toys Natural Rubber Baby Teether Toys in collaboration with Wanatoy

Lanco® Toys introduces The Gaia Collection 2019, inspired by nature and developed in collaboration with Wanatoy®, a group of professionals based in Barcelona, Spain, specializing in early childhood development. Our toys are designed to combine playtime with children’s motor, sensory, cognitive, and emotional development.

Lanco® Toys is a family business founded in Barcelona in 1952–we were the first European manufacturers of natural rubber toys. Our founder and grandfather, Alfredo Benet Domingo, was an artist who adored children–he was also captivated by the creative possibilities and artisanal character of natural rubber. He found its softness and elasticity magical and loved the fact that it’s completely natural, leaving no footprint on the planet for future generations.

We’ve been committed to sustainability since we began. (How could we make toys for our babies that might compromise their future?)

Nature creates for us, and so do our artisans–so, of course, we respect and take care of both of them. We’re proud that over 80% of our team has been with us for more than 20 years. And women are our heroes here, composing almost two-thirds of the Lanco® Family.

Our production process employs hands instead of machinery. We use only biodegradable materials like natural rubber and gypsum for our molds.

Natural rubber is a beautiful, eco-friendly alternative to plastic. Like everything created by nature,
Lanco® Toys have a life: Our toys are designed to last a long time and be passed on.

Welcome to our world and thank you for being part of the Lanco® family.


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