Instinctoy X-Ray Lottery: King Korpse, Maguro & Muckey

Instinctoy’s December Lottery features the worldwide release of its trio of X-Ray vinyl art toys featuring special versions that reveal the skeletal anatomy of three of the extremely popular figures: King Korpse by James Groman, Muckey with anatomy by Jason Freeny, and Maguro by Chino Lam with anatomy by Jason Freeny. The X-Ray line was initially released in October as part of Instinctoy’s concept shop within Pop Mart’s Beijing Parkview Green Store

Each of the three X-ray figures features a wintery ice theme with translucent vinyl and GID skeletons. King Korpse’s heart is cast fitting in translucent red for a splash of added color. While each is a striking, special version of the fan-favorite figures, the X-Ray Maguro and X-Ray Muckey stand out due to their brand-new dissected-style sculpts designed by Jason Freeny. Evoking an image of a half-cut fish, the Maguro design is a perfect, if not slightly ironic fit.

The X-Ray King Korpse (12.8″, ¥63,800/$613), X-Ray Maguro (8.66″, ¥22,000/$211) and X-Ray Muckey (9.84″, ¥33,000 /$317) via lottery from Instinctoy’s International and Japan-only online stores through Sunday (12.13) at 6:59 AM PST.

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