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About This Video:
In this video Mother Doll Beanie and her Daughter Doll Rosie sharing their love.These two dolls are my little daughter favourite dolls.

About Our Channel Name:MTSI Expand as below
M my
T toys
S stories
I imagination
Family TV:-The stories are family friendly and kids friendly so we called as Family TV.

Our Channel Objective/Purpose:-To entertain or engage parents and kids to play with their kiddos and their toys with us.
The Purpose of This channel is to Create Toys and Dolls imagination Stories to Entertain everyone of all age people and its fun family friendly kids friendly.
Through our videos every parents and mums can get the ideas how to play with your kids.
So be in touch and watch all videos you also get idea and play with your kids.
Focus is on Parents kids especially to have some quality time of play with your kids and with their toys.
love to all children in the world….watch our toys pretend stories….

Who am I?
I am an Mum and I have my little daughter.
We play with our daughter and create pretend stories of toys and engage our little one.
To Entertain our kids we all play with our children through these videos all mum and dad and all siblings can get idea to engage kids and play with them.

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Love to all
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