Ukiyo-e Rickshaw Kart: Mushroom Shogun by Jed Henry x Mighty Jaxx

The upcoming Ukiyo-E Rickshaw Kart by Jed Henry x Mighty Jaxx blends imagery often depicted in the traditional woodblock-based Japanese art form with the iconic platformer video game. The polystone art toy piece features the Mushroom Shogun, with a conspicuous mustache, in a red and blue kimono speeding along on a rickshaw pulled by a driver wearing a toad-style mushroom hat.The humorous piece flows directly from Henry’s twin passions of Ukiyo-e style art and classic video games. For added mirth, the figure comes with three swappable hands, each with a different accessory: flaming torch, banana, and partially eaten mushroom.

The Ukiyo-e Rickshaw Kart: Mushroom Shogun polystone art toy (5.3″ H, 8.6″ W) will be available for pre-order on Saturday (12.12) at 6 AM PST from Mighty Jaxx for $249.

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