Ailurophile Glow SuperJanky by Junko Mizuno x Superplastic

Junko Mizuno completes her mystical cat-loving trio with the new Ailurophile Glow SuperJanky vinyl art toy from Superplastic. The new edition of the one-eyed character features a purple, tan, and blue color palette on GID vinyl. As with the previous OG (Pink) and Azure editions, the Glow edition comes with two of a cat’s favorite foods in the form of the Killer Koi and Malicious Mouse accessories.

Did we mention Mizuno’s mesmerizing designs that grace the figure from front to back, top to bottom? From one-eyed cats and seductive women to floral patterns, the Ailurophile offers a visual explosion to enjoy.

The Ailurophile Glow SuperJanky vinyl art toy (8″) will be available on Tuesday (12.8) at 11 AM PST from Superplastic for $90.

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