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​​​Here we go! This is the next set in the 2015 McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Series. Hello Kitty Set of 8 Toys.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It is always fun being able to check out new toys on video! This is the Hello Kitty 2015 Toy Set. Each toy was part of an art set. There was a pencil topper, stamper, embosser, tracer and other art project toys. I’m not sure why the App did not work for this round of toys. I will have to check later to see if they fix it.


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Hello Kitty McDonald’s 2015 Happy Meal Toy Set

0:08 Intro
1:02 #1 Hello Kitty Ruler Holder
2:40 #2 Hello Kitty Puzzle Keeper
4:35 #3 Hello Kitty Pencil top
5:57 #4 Hello Kitty Sticker Dispenser
7:10 #5 Hello Kitty Paper Puncher
8:41 #6 Hello Kitty Tin With Stickers
9:55 #7 Hello Kitty Sketch Kit
12:46 #8 Hello Kitty Bow Embosser
14:14 The Complete Set
15:40 The Phone App Game

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McDonald’s 2015 Happy Meal Toys:

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