Here at Happy Toy Reviews we review the new 2016 McDonald’s Pokemon Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s Japan. Pokemon Go was launched in Japan in July 2016! About 3000 Japanese McDonald’s restaurants have become Pokémon Go Gyms. They are either training centers or battling centers for Pokemon Go! Japan is also lucky to have Pokemon the movie XY & Z XYZ released in July as well! There’s no set release date for the Pokémon movie in other countries including the U.S.

There’s a complete set of 6 Pokémon Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s Japan. McDonald’s has partnered up with Nintendo and Pokemon Go to have all their locations in Japan as Pokemon Go gyms and they will also launch some more Pokemon Go promotions!

We have one of the biggest Pokemon kids meal toys collection, including many rare Pokémon sets, which we will review over the next little while! Please subscribe to get notified of our reviews!

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