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Source: Hasbro/eOne/The Toy Book

The PJ Masks are joining the World Taekwondo Federation to fight a new enemy: inactivity.

Hasbro revealed that the trio of young superheroes from its eOne division will enter the dojang with a dozen top athletes from the World Taekwondo Federation for the Get Active with the PJ Masks campaign. The global effort aims to get kids ages 3-8 active and raise interest in taekwondo by encouraging them to pull off 12 distinct taekwondo-inspired PJ Masks moves.

Source: Hasbro/eOne

“There couldn’t be a better time to get kids active and excited about sport and movement,” says Rebecca Harvey, executive vice president global marketing, family & brands at eOne. “Action, heroism, and integrity are central to the PJ Masks brand and these values are perfectly aligned with the World Taekwondo Federation’s mission to teach taekwondo to kids around the world and channel their youthful energy into skills that will build strength and resilience.”

The 12 Get Active Hero Ambassadors include Bianca Walkden (UK), Dae-hoon Lee (Korea), Hatice Kubra Ilgun (Turkey), Jingyu Wu (China), Joel Gonzalez (Spain), Magda Wiet Henin (France), Maria Espinoza (Mexico), Milena Titoneli (Brazil), Panipak Wongpattanakit (Thailand), Pauline Lopez (Philippines), Tahir Guelec (Germany) and Vito Dell’Aquilla (Italy).

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