Holiday 2020 Dunny Ornament by Flat Bonnie x Kidrobot

For 2020 Kidrobot is offering a charming new take on its end-of-year tradition with its first ever Holiday Dunny plush. Designed by Flat Bonnie, the Holiday 2020 Dunny Ornament features a festive Dunny angel in their signature 2.5D, pleather style complete with removable golden halo and glittery angel wings—perfect for display year round. With the attached loop, this soft Dunny is ready to hang on your tree, rear view mirror or any other choice spot.

The Holiday 2020 Dunny Ornament is available for pre-order in both the Twinkle Edition (White) and KR-exclusive Dream Edition (Black) from Kidrobot for $14.99 each. These are slated to ship in early December 2020.

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