Hakabanogarou Exclusive Space Clown by Milkboytoys x Yamakichiya

Hakabanogarou is offering their exclusive Space Clown soft vinyl art toy, a collaboration between Milkboytoys x Yamakichiya, via international lottery. The figure features the body of Yamakichiya’s Space Odyssey-inspired Future Ape with Milkboytoys’ scary clown head—from the IT Bear figure—instead of the normal ape one. The flamboyant pink and metallic purple design suits the eccentric concept. From the promo photos it appears there’s a chase figure with the traditional clown face paint.

An edition of 35, the Space Clown soft vinyl art toy is available for ¥15,000 ($144) via lottery until Friday (12.27) at 2 AM PST. Entry is easy via online form.

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