New Rumpus Art Toy from Scribe x UVD Toys

UVD Toys recently revealed a painted prototype of Scribe’s upcoming Rumpus vinyl art toy. The new figure features Scribe’s signature rhino character as normally drawn rather than the simplified version seen in previous blind box releases. Digitally sculpted by Oasim Karmieh, the new figure features Rumpus out and about in a hoodie, enjoying some tunes. Focused on the task to come, he’s got a book in hand and likely more gear in his pack. In keeping with the character, Rumpus is hoofing it without sneakers. With a few production tweaks pending, the new Rumpus is slated for a release in 2021.

It’s great to see Scribe make a resurgence back into art toys with this new figure from UVD and the recently released, flamboyant Rumpus: Stinger Division figure from Martian Toys.

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