Elmo's Pizza Party! Learn to Count with a Toy Pizza!

Elmo visits his favourite pizzeria where he meets his fellow Sesame Street buddy Cookie Monster as well as his friend Gekko from PJ Masks! The pizzeria Lego Duplo guy then serves them three variations of toppings using the Melissa and Doug Pizza Party, a fun pizza toy in which the toppings can be switched around using velcro. The pizza is also held together by velcro and can be cut into slices using a wooden pizza cutter. In our video we count the pieces of toppings as they appear on the pizza in combinations of six, nine, and eighteen. This also serves to establish the groundwork for basic addition and fractions by showing that the whole pizza includes eighteen toppings which can then be divided and counted in various combinations. Our video is meant as a fun way for toddlers and preschool children to learn basic concepts of counting using familiar toys.

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