Boys Toys: 2 Boys Opening Toys!! Thomas & Friends meet the Minions and Disney's Frozen.!!

Boys Toys is all about Toys for Boys..!!

We feature boys toys, and nothing but boys toys.

This episode features the Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends set from Fisher-Price. We love Thomas & Friends, and we love Minions! We also love Disney’s Frozen! We thought it would be a fun idea to bring the Minions and some of the characters from Frozen to play with Thomas & Friends in Sodor.

Louie & Vadim are the ONLY tri-lingual Toy Experts on YouTube.

Join them opening toys as they unbox toys and play with today’s coolest toys for boys, in English, Russian and Thai.

You’ll see them unbox Star Wars toys, Lego toys, Matchbox toys, HotWheels toys, Fisher-Price toys, Play Doh and more. The boys open toys in 2 new episodes every week..!!!

Boys Toys is all about today’s most fun toys for boys that are 5-10 years old. Louie and Vadim filmed this when they were 6 years old, and they know a lot about toys, unboxing, and fun.

Because the show is open to all sorts of fun with toys, you never know what the next episode could be – Kinder Surprise Eggs or Disney Cars, maybe Lego or Batman or Star Wars or NERF.

One thing is for sure…

Boys Toys is a lot of fun, and very funny, in any language..!!!

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Watch us Open the Star Wars X-Wing Star-fighter..!!

Watch us Open the Star Wars Rebel Lightsaber..!!!

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