Acorn Explorer by Daniel Yu x Fufufanny

As part of his final drop of 2020, Daniel Yu will release a hand-painted resin edition of the Acorn Explorer, a cute creepy collaboration with fufufanny. Based on Yu’s popular Lunar Creep figure featuring an undead astronaut, the Acorn Explorer comes with two swappable, magnetic heads. The first is of Acorn, fufufanny’s cute hedgehog character. The second is the lunar creep head with retro-style head gear.

The new hand-painted edition features a bright orange design, evoking NASA’s late 20th century spacesuits. The design incorporates both light blue and pink accents into the suit. The gray ‘creep’ hands and gray space boots offer a nice contrast with the colorful suit.

The Acorn Explorer resin art toy (3″) will be available for pre-order on Wednesday (11.25) at 7 AM PST from Daniel Yu’s online store for $140. The figure will ship in January 2021. In addition to the Acorn Explorer, Daniel Yu will also simultaneously release his Terror-Cotta and Retro Jiangshi figures (4.25″) in both realistic, statue-like hand-painted editions ($60) as well as solid-color editions ($35).

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