Lone Wolf Resin by Chappell

UK-based Chappell is set to re-open Mahalo Cabin for the release of his new Lone Wolf resin figure. The instantly recognizable figure is a hybrid of the legendary Fett and Mando with the latter’s long rifle slung over the shoulder. The Lone Wolf figure will be available in five standard colorways—Mando, Boba, Holiday (Gray and Light Blue), Concept (Olive Green + Orange) and Kenner.

In addition to the standard editions, Chappell has also created a deluxe Lone Wolf and Cub variant with a precious ‘cub’ in a futuristic tan baby carrier with articulated hinge. The sight of the child peeking out from his protective refuge on the Lone Wolf’s back is one to cherish.

The Lone Wolf Resin art toy (8.85”) will be available for pre-order on Sunday (11.29) at 12 PM PDT from Mahalo Cabin for £124.99 ($167). The deluxe Lone Wolf and Cub resin (8.85”) featuring baby Yoda will be available at the same time for £169.99. Both figures are set to ship out in Mid-March 2021.

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