Lady Lips Life-Size Sculpture + Vinyl Art Toy by Ron English x Clutter

Ron English has collaborated with Clutter to bring his Lady Lips original painting to life as a life-sized sculpture and a series of limited-edition vinyl art toys. Inspired by the iconic Rolling Stones ‘tongue’ image (created by John Pasche), the seductive imagery features a pair of women crouched on top of one another, one seemingly emerging from the other’s ‘mouth’. English describes the work as ‘…everything that ever needs to be said about Rock and Roll.”

The life-sized Lady Lips sculpture (24″ x 33″ x 48″) fully realizes the concept behind English’s iconic image in a way that no single 2D image could. Created in collaboration with Clutter and Cubonyc who created the 3D scans of life models, the show stopping sculpture will make its public debut on Friday, November 20, 2020 at Allouche Gallery in NYC’s Meat Packing District.

In addition to the life-size sculpture, Ron English and Clutter have also created a smaller, limited-edition Lady Lips vinyl art toy. Standing 7″ tall and 10″ long, the vinyl art toy is comprised of two separate, interlocking figures. The vinyl art toy will debut in a Purple Metallic version which features a two-toned metallic purple and red design.

An edition of 50, the Purple Metallic Lady Lips vinyl art toy will be available on Friday (11.20) for $300 at the Allouche Gallery in NYC (20 pieces) and online exclusively from IamRetro (30 pieces).

U (11.18, 4:32 PST) : Added pricing.

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