Gorillaz Art Toys by Jamie Hewlett x Superplastic

Exactly a year to the day after Superplastic released a vinyl art toy of Gorillaz frontman 2D rocking out on the mic in 2019, they continue the collaboration with the virtual British band with four brand new limited-edition vinyl art toys, one of each charismatic band member. Gorillaz co-creator and visual designer Jamie Hewlett’s eclectic crew of frontman 2D (12″), guitarist Noodle (11″), drummer Russel Hobbs (9″) and bassist Murdoc Niccals come to life with brand-new sculpts dripping with energy and intricate details.

Released in celebration of the band’s recently released ​Song Machine: Season One – Strange Timez album, the figures put each musician’s personality and style front and center from their fashion and wild hair to their instruments, many of which feature a striking level of detail. Rather than simplified, toy versions of the band members, the new figures capture the idiosyncrasies and nuances that have made them famous worldwide.

The new Gorillaz vinyl art toys will be available for pre-order on Thursday (11.19) at 9 AM PST from Superplastic for prices ranging from $80-95. Orders placed within the first 48 hours will include a bonus exclusive commemorative Gorillaz pin. 2D and Murdoc will ship in December 2020 while Noddle and Russel will follow in February 2021. Finally, collectors will have the opportunity to purchase a digital ticket to Song Machine Live, a live Gorillaz concert streaming from the LIVENow digital platform.

U(11.19, 8:50 AM) : Drop time adjusted.

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