Dindi`s first toy unboxing video / Poppy styling head / Trolls

Hello Androids! We just realized that the last time we bought Dindi a toy that is boxed and not from Daiso was when we visited Toy Kingdom during our last vacation in the Philippines. That was already one year ago. Christmas and her 7th birthday passed by with only simple gifts from Daddy and Mommy. Today, we saw this Poppy styling head at the mall that costs only 690yen. She was actually just looking at the toys, not expecting us to buy her any. They just got a little swimming pool not so long ago. So when her Daddy bought it for her, she was surprised. Her plan of getting a new origami booklet at Daiso just got upgraded to a real toy. Such a delight to see her happily holding on the big plastic bag with her new toy inside. Her simple joy has to be saved and never forgotten.. Thus, we filmed this short unboxing video to remember this day by.

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