Robo Nozilla by Goodzilla x Blackseed Toys

Goodzilla continues his Childhood Kaiju series with #4: Robo Nozilla. Produced in conjunction with Blackseed Toys, Inspired by Mecha Godzilla, Robo Nozilla is a robotic, mechanized version of the artist’s first figure in the series, Nozilla. In addition to his retro design with robocop-like visor and radiator-like torso, Robo Nozilla is loaded with 90s era accessories including a Nokia-like phone, Fuji disposable camera and classic iPod. As with the other figures in the series Robo Nozilla celebrates Kaiju as a staple of the artist’s childhood— a fun, poignant way of reflecting on his adolescence.

Robo Nozilla will be available for pre-order at the upcoming Tapei Toy Festival (11.20 – 11.22) from the 1982kids booth [A33]. It will then be available for worldwide pre-order from November 23 – 27 via select retailers.

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