Master Nine Eyes Gravity Edition by Daytoner x Pure Arts

PureArts will open up pre-orders for their just revealed Master Nine Eyes Gravity Edition vinyl art toy by Daytoner for the DesignerCon 2020 VIP Preview Night event. The new lunar-minded edition re-imagines the swordsman as a space explorer complete with spacesuit and removable gold helmet visor. Designed by the creator of the M9E figure, the white, gold and red paint design showcases the figure’s unconventional profile.

The Master Nine Eyes Gravity Edition will be available for pre-order first from the PureArts booth at DesignerCon Online on Friday (11.13) at 5 PM PDT for VIP Preview Night. In addition to the new Gravity Edition, PureArts will also be offering the final 50 units of the Dark Starr edition. The Gravity edition will also be available directly from PureArts starting on Saturday.

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