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Martian Toys has unveiled its extensive DesignerCon 2020 Online lineup packed with eight brand-new releases including several exclusives from MCA, Mike Fudge, QUICCS, Sad Salesman, Scribe, Sket-One and Zero Productivity.

Diving right in to the loaded lineup, Martian Toys will release three TEQ63 figures including the MegaTeq Sketracha 12″ vinyl art toy (399 pieces) by Sket-One x QUICCS, the rainbow-hued Tropic Threat MicroTeq (3″, $50) by QUICCS, and the Clarity TEQ63 Clear Blank (6″, $75) by QUICCS. All three TEQ63’s are produced by Martian Toys. The MegaTeq Sketracha is an initial drop of 75 pieces for DesignerCon with the remainder being available from retailers after the event.

Next up are the two newest additions to the Endgame Squad series. The series feature guest artists’ signature characters with a custom head sculpt on a common TEQ63-derived ‘Squad’ body. Scribe makes a splash with the debut Rumpus: Stinger Division vinyl art toy(6″, 150 pieces, $90) featuring his beloved Rhino complete with fur hood. From Zero Productivity comes PJ The Pigeon: Brook’Nam Blue vinyl art toy (6″, 150 pieces, $90) featuring a sexy, subtle gradient on the head. This is the second edition of the Pigeon following the NYCC exclusive.

In addition to their own figures, Martian Toys also has a trio of exclusives produced by other companies. The Symbiosis: Yeti vinyl art toy (8.5″, 90 pieces, $85) from Sad Salesman x Clutter features an icy blue design of his playful design featuring three symbiotic characters that can take over the main gentle giant character. From MCA and UVD Toys comes the Exclusive Evil Ape Fink: OG Purp vinyl art toy (4″, 75 pieces, $60). Finally, Martian Toys will also release their exclusive KUB: Honor Amongst Crooks Blue vinyl art toy (7″, 63 pieces, $100) from QUICCS x Mike Fudge x UVD Toys.

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