NTWRK 11.11 5′ Hot Raspberry Kranky by Sket-One x Superplastic

As part of its Singles Day (11.11) lineup, NTWRK is set to release the 5-foot Hot Raspberry Kranky fiberglass sculpture from Sket-One and Superplastic. The new larger-than-life version of the Krylon-inspired variant of Superplastic’s popular Janky art toy platform features a lovely custom ‘raspberry’ pink paint application for this made-to-order showstopper. And if you’re wondering, no, we don’t think this towering toy has the can ‘rattle’ feature.

The newest and by far biggest addition to the Kranky family, the 5′ Hot Raspberry Kranky fiberglass sculpture will be available for pre-order on Wednesday (11.11) at 5:30 PM PDT from the NTWRK mobile shopping app for $5600 each.

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