M&M s Hide & Search Surprise Toys Game for Children

Welcome to TOY ANDME CHANNEL a family friendly YouTube channel, where we show Play-Doh Clay, surprise eggs, toys, candies, Angry Birds, Chocolate Toys, Kinder Surprise Eggs, Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty, easter egg coloring, gumball machines and many things more.

Write us please, if you have any wishes you want to see special Play-Doh surprises, toys, PEZ or other exciting things. ^^

Kinder Surprise Eggs are also known as Kinder Überraschung, Kinder Sorpresa, Kinder Joy, Kinder Ovo, Киндер Сюрприз, Kinderegg, Kinderüberraschung, Verrassingsei, Kinderoverraskelse, Niespodzianka, Kinder-yllätys, キンダーサプライズ, Kinderägg, Kinder Meglepetés, Kinder Surpresa & many others

Đồ chơi trẻ em và cha mẹ, đồ chơi học mà chơi Đồ chơi bóc trứng socola với đồ chơi bất ngờ

The channel is kids friendly – parents can subscribe with a good feeling.

Enjoy and have surprise fun. 😉


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