Flat Bonnie DesignerCon Exclusive Plush Releases

Flat Bonnie has two DesignerCon Exclusive plush releases on tap, both available as pre-orders from their online store. First up is a very timely piece in this pandemic era. The Poseable Flat Bonnie Plush Exercise Edition (12″, $50) features a fun ‘fit’ version of the brand’s signature bunny rabbit ready to break a sweat with cute headband, wrist bands and leg warmer accessories. The Exercise Edition also has wire armature in the arms and legs for flexible posability for the the latest ‘it’ stretch or yoga pose. Please note, that the pictured yoga mat is not included.

Switching gears, Flat Bonnie also has the DesignerCon Exclusive Bunnywise plush (12″, $50) . This creepy yet cute plush channels a certain scary clown, the star of an acclaimed horror novel turned movie franchise. Bunnywise has the distinctive clown markings, plush balloon accessory and yes, the crazy hair.

The Bunnywise and Poseable Flat Bonnie Plush Exercise Edition plush art toys are available for pre-order from Flat Bonnie until November 20 2020 at 11:59 PM PST.

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