Nawi by Tavo Santiago – Vinyl Pulse

Mexican artist Tavo Santiago has just unveiled and released his new Nawi resin art toy. Featuring a wicked bat demon, Nawi debuts in a matte black edition created in collaboration with Chucho Rojas and Mr. Mitote.

Seemingly inspired by the ancient cultures of Mexico, NAWI features an impressive sculpt that focuses its energy through the intense face of the creature, eyes fixed, mouth agape with rows of jagged teeth and tongue dangling. The detail continues through the top of the creature’s ornamental bat mask with multiple horns. The rear of the piece reveals fairly small wings, and a large tail.

An edition of ten, the Nawi resin art toy is available from Sticky Hippo for Mex$2,750 ($136). The figure comes in a deluxe box with protective foam insert as well as bonus stickers and an enamel pin.

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