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Source: I’m A Girly

The European doll brand, I’m A Girly, has officially launched in the U.S. with a wide range of diverse dolls aimed to inspire kids’ creativity and style.

I’m A Girly offers three distinct collections of dolls. I’m A Girly features five 18-inch dolls with interchangeable wigs, clothes, and accessories. The I’m A Wow line includes three 14-inch dolls with hair and clothing that changes color in the sunlight. Lastly, the I’m A Stylist doll heads with changeable wigs designed for kids to practice different hairstyles will launch in December. 

The brand has a dedication to diversity and inclusivity with a wide range of different skin colors and looks across the dolls, designed to be proportional and realistic. Each doll comes with a unique name and description and kids can then use their creativity skills to dress their dolls with over 150 accessories available. 

Uniquely kid-tested and approved, I’m A Girly utilized a team of 8-14-year-old boys and girls to critique the look, feel, and style of the dolls before bringing them to market. 

These collections are available now on Amazon and Target. For more information, visit the I’m A Girly website. 

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