#DKECON DesignerCon: Space Cadet and Low Hanging Fruits by RYCA

DKE Toys’ #DKECon DesignerCon edition (11.13 – 11.15) will feature a wide variety of art action figures including two new releases from UK-based RYCA. First up is the 3.75″ Space Cadet figure (S/N Edition of 50, $55) a new action figure take on the artist’s larger Space Cadet vinyl figures. The design features RYCA’s omnipresent smiley face character headed into the final frontier.

Changing things up, RYCA will also release his new Low Hanging Fruits (S/N Edition of 45, 4″, $55) carded toy which humorously plays off the common phrase. Resembling a bunch of grapes, a closer look reveals that the fruit are in fact tiny stormtrooper heads. This is very much a tongue-in-cheek toy aimed at creators and longtime collectors of the ‘bootleg’ action figure scene.

The two RYCA releases will be available from the #DKECon Designercon online store (11.13 – 11.5). Be sure to check out the #DKECON live Zoom stream featuring DKE’s remote DCon booth from deep inside their headquarters. See the official #DKECON page for all the details of the event which runs from Thursday, November 13 through Sunday, November 15 2020.

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