Peacock Kids Unveils New LEGO Trolls Music Video for ‘Just Sing’ • The Toy Book

Source: Universal Brand Management and LEGO

From Universal Brand Development and The LEGO Group comes the first-ever LEGO Trolls music video celebrating the recent release of DreamWorks Animation’s highly-anticipated sequel Trolls: World Tour.

The music video, on the Peacock Kids YouTube channel, features beloved characters from the film singing and dancing along to the epic final number, “Just Sing.” The film features main characters Poppy and Branch as they try to save the various Troll tribes who each represent a different genre of music — funk, country, techno, classical, pop, and rock — from the rock Trolls looking to take over. 

Voice talent for the film and music include Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Rachel Bloom, Kenan Thompson, and more.

Source: LEGO

The music video coincides with new Trolls: World Tour LEGO Sets featuring the same iconic characters from the film and music video in colorful and vibrant settings inspired by the film. These include a hot air balloon ride, rock concert, or an underwater dance party. 

Trolls: World Tour LEGO sets are available now. Trolls: World Tour is available now on Peacock and Amazon Prime. 

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