Cornered by Ringco Liu – Vinyl Pulse

Chinese artist Ringco Liu has released her new Cornered resin sculpture at this weekend’s Shanghai Toy Show (STS) in the adFunture booth. Part of the artist’s Forgottensoulz project, which explores long lost toys from her childhood, Cornered features a seemingly dejected Astro Boy-like character with cartoon-style clouds covering his face and floating along the arms and legs, perhaps markers of memories faded by time. Seen in a seated pose, head lowered, Cornered comes packaged in a clear acrylic housing that seems to close in around the figure, increasing its sense of isolation. While the debut matte black edition of five pieces has nearly sold out at STS, we hold out hope for additional colorways.

An edition of 5 pieces, the debut matte black Cornered has almost sold out as the final day of STS begins. Perhaps there are additional colorways planned.

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