DesignerCon Artist Series 2 Be@rbrick Set by Medicom Toy

DesignerCon has curated a new Artist Be@rbrick series set for 2020 featuring five artists, each new to Medicom Toy’s iconic platform figure. The DesignerCon Artist Series 2 Be@rbrick Set features five 100% Be@rbricks, one each by Alex Pardee, Jermaine Rogers, Louis De Guzman, Greg Mike, and Valfre. The new designs feature each artist’s signature characters or design motifs, adapted for the bear-shaped figure. De Guzman’s design features wrap-style deco, meaning no two pieces will look exactly the same.

The DesignerCon Artist Series 2 Be@rbrick Set will be available exclusively for $100/set from the DesignerCon Online 2020 (11.13 – 11.15) virtual event featuring live stream shopping channel (‘booths’) powered by Popshop Live. DCon tickets—general admission($10) and VIP ($65)— are on sale though the VIP is going quickly. The VIP pass includes access to the VIP Preview Night(11.13), making it the best choice for those focused on in-demand exclusives such as this new Artist Series Be@rbrick Set.

U (4:59 PM, 11/6/2020) : Added pricing.

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