Unboxing of Giant frozen tent toy (Anna and Elsa) for kids up to 3years

Gia, a 3-year-old girl, took the time to unpack her new Frozen inspired play tent.
This girl is suitable for children aged 3 and over because these dimensions allow them to easily reach even their parents!
Our little Gia and her mother, she especially likes that the tent is big and highlights the main characters of the cartoons “Frozen” namely Elsa and Anna on one side and on the other side we see Christoph and Donkey . This tent toy is perfect for small children who admire “governing” a space dedicated to them as a Playhouse to discover new things they previously did not know either alone or even with their parents! indeed, and with this tent, they will be able to develop as many skills and qualities that will be useful to them once grown.
In addition, this tent can be a real storage tool for your children’s favorite toys as you will gain storage space and your children will no longer lose their favorite toys!
Designed with as much finesse and ingenuity, this tent is easy to fold / unfold even for your little ones and light enough to carry with you when you plan to travel
Dimensions of the frozen tent (Anna and Elsa): 1m6cm / 1m6cm / 1m29cm

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