A Wood Awakening: East Meets West by Juce Gace x Mighty Jaxx

Juce Gace and Mighty Jaxx celebrate the spooky season in style with A Wood Awakening: East Meets West 2-figure art toy set. The set features two fun monster cosplay versions of Gace’s humorous take on Pinocchio, one inspired by the Eastern Jiangshi (Chinese Hopping Vampire/Zombie) folklore and the other based on the classic Western blood-sucking Vampire.

The Jiangshi edition features pale blue skin, dark navy clothes and the iconic red and yellow talisman on the forehead that animates the Chinese zombie. The Vampire edition features bloodshot eyes, pasty tan skin, sharp teeth and of course, a cape. The cape and talisman are interchangeable for mix and match fun.

The East Meets West Jiangshi edition is a color variant of the previously released Holy Fab x Kidult Exclusive Jiangshi edition. The new edition features several color differences including red accents on the clothing instead of light blue, different eye treatment and apparently slightly different skin tone.

The A Wood Awakening: East Meets West vinyl art toy set (10″) will be available as a 24-hr pre-order starting on Saturday (10.31) at 6 AM PDT from Mighty Jaxx for $299 (worldwide shipping included).

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