XL Three King: Legendary Set by Fools Paradise

Fools Paradise revisits its stylish and creative homage to the vaunted Chicago Bulls trio with the XL Three King: Legendary vinyl art toy set. The new set features giant XL versions of lead designer Alan Ng’s take on Michael Jordan (Two Three), Scottie Pippen (Three Three) and wildcard rebounder Dennis Rodman (Nine One). Befitting their legendary stature, the XL Two Three (20.87″), Three Three (15.75″) and Nine One (11.81″) push Fools Paradise’s muscular, slightly surreal sculpts into new territory, even for a brand known for impressively large-format figures.

The Three King figures manage to strike a delicate balance between style, fantasy and reality. With the fun, creative bulls alternate heads to the normal ones, this set allows collectors to focus on the players themselves or the larger-than-life mythology behind their achievements. And, the sneakers are pretty sweet as well.

An edition limited to a maximum of 398, the XL Three King: Legendary vinyl art toy set is available for pre-order from Fools Paradise for $1,108 (shipping included) and is slated to ship in Q2 of 2021.

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