#DKECON at DesignerCon: The Great Showdowns BTTF Edition by Scott C.

DKE Toys continues its string of virtual conventions with the #DKECon DesignerCon edition (11.13 – 11.15) featuring a new collection of exclusive releases showcasing the very best in resin action figure art toys. Let’s start off our look at the exclusive drops with the latest The Great Showdowns release from Scott C. pitting Marty McFly vs the ingenious Flux Capacitor. A signed and numbered edition of 100, the time travelling release in 3.75″ scale will be available for $100. The Back To The Future themed set comes as the franchise is celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the original film and slots in nicely with other BTTF drops coming for DCon including 3DRetro’s collection celebrating the ever-popular time travelling trilogy.

As with the previous events, the DCon edition will feature an online store for all the releases and a live Zoom stream of DKE’s remote DCon booth from deep inside their headquarters. See the official #DKECON page for all the details of the event which runs from Thursday, November 13 through Sunday, November 15 2020.

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