Dirty Rotten Apple & King Size Matcha Venom Kill Kat Art Toys by Andrew Bell

From the twisted mind of Andrew Bell comes the not-so-scrumptious Dirty Rotten Apple Kill Kat. Made from ‘100% organic’ fruit (no, not really), the wholesome new edition features a bright green + brown colorway of the carnivorous two-headed candy treat. Adding to the fright factor, the new Kill Kat seems to have yellow foam dripping from its mouth.

The Dirty Rotten Apple Kill Kat vinyl art toy (6″) is available for pre-order from retailers for $45 and will also be released from Andrew Bell’s Dead Zebra shop on Halloween (10.31) at 8 AM PDT. Keeping with the theme of green Kill Kats, Andrew Bell is also releasing the King Size Matcha Venom Kill Kat (14.5″, $129) via retailers.

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