The Bear Champ ‘OG Pose’ Vinyl Bust by JC Rivera x UVD Toys

Chicago-based artist JC Rivera’s signature boxing bear returns with the new The Bear Champ ‘ OG Pose’ vinyl bust art toy from UVD Toys. A follow-up to the smaller full-body vinyl also from UVD Toys, the new vinyl bust brings collectors face to face with a poignant sculpt of the champ. The champ’s nuanced expression seems to bear both his trials and triumphs. The OG Pose edition features the character’s classic appearance with yellow/golden fur and red+white boxing gloves.

The The Bear Champ ‘OG Pose’ vinyl bust” art toy (8″) is available for pre-order through UVD Toys for $150 until Sunday (10.25) at 9 PM PDT.

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