Garth Real Tree SuperJanky by Ricardo Cavolo x Superplastic

Ricardo Cavolo’s Garth Real Tree SuperJanky from Superplastic is a blend of backwoods style and his signature mystical folklore aesthetic. Cavolo’s outdoorsman design with rustic camo and mud-soaked shoes is a bold, loud, amped rendition of his signature style incorporating his familiar touchstones including the quadruple eyes, flames, and mysterious purple + yellow masked characters. Garth Real Tree is Cavolo with the volume meter set to 11, ready to blast off with brilliant stars and comets set against a pastel pink backdrop.

An edition of 750, the Garth Real Tree SuperJanky vinyl art toy (8″) is available for pre-order from Superplastic for $90 and is slated to ship in November 2020.

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